Pallor Absentis

Mar 04 2012

I saw a picture earlier…

And I don’t know why, but it stirred something inside of me most images don’t. And it really shouldn’t have; it was the typical picture of a girl, with her hands in the air, at sunset. The sun was a deep gold color, and that was all. Nothing special about the picture. But what I noticed more than anything was the sun. And how the sun never sets like that here. I’ve seen it set that way before; in Mexico, California, Utah and Arizona, even. Honestly, everywhere but here, I’d seen the sun set in that golden color. But I can’t think of any time I’d seen it set that way here. And I was overcome with this feeling of claustrophobia. Of realizing how bad I want - need - to get out of here. And I don’t know why. It’s not that my life is bad here; I just feel like it’s not enough. Like I’m not being challenged, and like everything is monotonous. I just need to leave, I think. I don’t know. Kind of a pointless muse, I guess. Just had to get it out.

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